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Trees in St. James NY need the very best treatment to look and feel their best. Arborists are tree care professionals who are specifically trained and educated in what each class of tree requires to thrive. Our team of arborists are ISA certified. Traditional Tree Service is committed to furthering our industry expertise and providing our community with quality tree care services including tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, and more.

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Tree Removal

Our experienced team makes tree removals safe. We aim to only cut down and remove trees when the structural integrity has become compromised. Visual signs of rot, decay, or storm damage may not always be obvious to spot. We have the training to know which parts of a tree need a more delicate approach during removal in order to maintain safe control. After a removal is complete, we offer stump grinding to fully clear out away the remaining parts of a tree.

Tree Pruning

A certified arborist should always be the one to assess and perform any substantial tree pruning. With the right combination of techniques, a tree's growth can be influenced when performed while the tree is still young. By structurally pruning a young tree, you are creating a strong base for long-term growth and you'll find that less maintenance pruning is needed later on. Traditional Tree Service can assist with your tree pruning in St. James NY.

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