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Our team of ISA-Certified arborists have spent years studying the cultivation, management, and science of individual trees. More informally, arborists are also known as tree surgeons. Their extensive knowledge identifies if a tree has an infection, growing bacteria, or even internal rot. Small details your tree exhibits may be invisible to most but is glaringly obvious for a trained professional. Traditional Tree Service has the kowledge to help you with all of your tree care problems in Huntington NY including tree removal, tree pruning, plant health care, and more!

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Tree Pruning

Amongst several pruning techniques, maintenance pruning and hazard reduction pruning are the two prominent techniques used to keep your trees growing strong. New York winters produce inches of snow along with high winds. To avoid snapped branches or fallen trees, our certified arborists asses and cut out problem areas they identify. The trick is to thin out the foliage enough where the treetop puts up less resistance to wind while keeping a pleasing visual aesthetic.

Benefits of Tree Pruning in Huntington NY

Improves the health of a tree  

Regular tree pruning in Huntington NY can help keep your trees healthy in several ways.

One way is by removing dead or dying branches.  Dead or dying branches can become diseased easily or attract pests.  By removing these limbs, your tree will be healthier.  In addition, pests and diseases from one tree can infect other trees or plants.  Regular pruning will avoid these problems.  

Another way is by removing branches that are interfering with each other.  When there are too many branches in one area, they can block sunlight and moisture from the rest of the tree or other nearby plants.  

Makes your lawn safer 

By pruning trees, you can make sure the area around your tree is safer.  Dead limbs and weak branches are more likely to fall on a person or pet.  They can also damage property.  

Provides proper clearance for power lines  

If you have trees near power lines, pruning them regularly is a must.  If you have a bad storm, weak branches can fall on the power lines, which can lead to losing power in your home.  In addition, downed power lines are extremely dangerous. Regular pruning will keep you and your neighbors safe.  

Improves your yard's appearance 

No one likes to look at overgrown trees with a bunch of dead or dying branches.  Also, overgrown trees may block people from seeing the rest of your yard.  By regularly pruning your trees, you can keep your yard looking beautiful.  

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Tree Removal

Removing a tree in Huntington NY is no small task especially when there is limited open space around. Our seasoned team use the most efficient tools and climbing techniques to minimize waste and invasiveness to your land during removal. We do not recommend cutting a tree down without great consideration to the current state it is in.

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