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An ISA-Certified Arborist is a title given to those who invested years in learning what each class of tree requires to not only survive, but to flourish. Each type of trees has their own unique traits. Some types have a higher susceptibility to harmful insects while others are known for their invasive growth patterns. Traditional Tree Care serving Hauppauge NY has an experienced team of arborists to evaluate and execute the best treatment plan for your trees in Hauppauge NY.

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Tree Pruning

We know that in our area of Long Island over pruning or using the incorrect tree pruning technique may cause as much damage to the health of a tree as neglecting its maintenance routine. When performed properly, pruning removes dead branches, enhances structural growth, and increases the overall health of your tree. Traditional Tree employs several skilled arborists who understand how and when to utilize each technique.

Tree Pruning Made Easy

When you prune is closely tied to why you want to prune in the first place. If light pruning is all you're after, and removing the tree's dead wood, you can do this at any time. But, if not, here are some guidelines:

  • Pruning in Winter - pruning is most commonly done when the tree is dormant. If you're looking for a burst of growth come Spring, then this is definitely our suggestion. Pro tip: Wait until Winter is no longer at its coldest. 
  • Pruning in Summer - if you are trying to contain or control the trees growth, then you can essentially dwarf the tree by pruning as soon as it is complete with its seasonal growth. Summer is also the easiest time to spot "defective" aspects of the tree and this is the opportune moment to make a few tweaks. 

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Tree Removal Hauppauge NY

Whether the cause is lightening damage, strong winds, or deadwood, sometimes a tree simply needs to be removed. A tree infected with burrowing insects or a fungal disease has the potential to spread. Determining if the tree in question will cause harm to your surrounding plant life is only one of the important items our arborists consider during evaluation. When a tree is recommended to be cut down, our climbing experts and industry tree professionals are trained in the safest removal methods.

If trees could speak, we wouldn't need to advertise.
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